Just try to understand the whole cosmic play of life and be a part in it…

Then this very moment you can move into the ultimate. The ultimate is not in the future, it is the present, hidden here and now.

So don't ask about purpose--there is none, and I say it is beautiful that there is none

There is no purpose. The whole idea of purpose is mundane and illogical. You will have to come to a point where you will have to say there is no purpose. Life is a perfect point. Life is an overflowing of bliss, truth, love, but not purposeful

I don’t want to reach somewhere. I am already there and so full of joy and so full of love and so full of song that I want to share it. This wanting is not a purpose, because I don’t want anything in return. It is simply like when a roseflower opens and releases its fragrance.

All the religions have been teaching that life should have a purpose. They are reducing life as a means to some end — which is ugly. Life is an end unto itself. To be alive, to be fully alive is enough. There is no goal, there is no purpose. Just here and now, all is. Nothing is missing. I don’t have any purpose, because life has no purpose. Those who have purposes in life, are going against life.

Life is a let-go.

You are not swimming against the current, you are simply floating with the river wherever it leads. So wherever I reach, I am fulfilled. Or even if I am drowned, I am fulfilled.

I love life, but there is no purpose.
I love people, but there is no purpose.
I do everything that my love wants me to do, but there is no purpose. It is sheer joy being shared. And the moment you start sharing, purpose disappears.

O S H O ♥
(Book “The Sword and the Lotus”)