choose LOVE!...

choose LOVE... 

If you really want to be happy with yourself, you have to make a choice. You can either choose to continue to cling to all of your old, crappy, disempowering stories which keep you safe. Or, you can choose to find the courage to let them go, and finally start to think thoughts that will empower and support you. You must choose to think loving thoughts over anything else. 

Until you have made the conscious decision to choose love over your old fear-driven stories, you will always find yourself slipping back to your old patterns. You must decide that enough is enough.

One beautiful technique that I have been using recently, is one I learnt from the beautiful Gabrielle Bernstein. This technique involves laughing at the "tiny mad ideas" of your ego. When your mind starts playing those old stories that usually bring up feelings of fear or worry, simply laugh at them. Laughing at these thoughts takes away their power and helps you see them as what they really are - ridiculous disillusions!! 

The truth is that you are infinitely capable, abundantly gifted and you have unlimited potential. When you see yourself that way, you cannot help but laugh at these silly little fearful thoughts that attempt to tear you down.