Healing is a beautiful communication, deeper than any other communication.
Love is therapy, and there is no other therapy in the world except love. It is always love that heals, because love makes you whole...

 You can talk verbally, you can say to somebody, ’I love you,’ but words are just words empty. If you can simply shower your energy on the other person, you say in a very much deeper way ’I love you’. That really heals. That’s what I mean when I say that compassion is therapeutic.

In fact every person has the energy to heal. It is something natural. It is not that a few people are healers and others are not, no. Every person born is a healer but has forgotten the capacity, or has never used it, or has used it in wrong associations and has come to feel that it never works.



What is love, really? 
Okay, it's a lot of things, 
but to me, more than anything, 
love is openness...
~ rumi


é uma imensa vibração de LUZ
que responde ao chamado do A M O R
para transformar toda a dor...