Lys abre-nos a porta para um mundo interno onde são criadas as condições para a transição da humanidade para o Novo Mundo. Lys faz-nos regressar à nossa pureza essencial com o seu imenso manto de Amor...

o poder da mudança...

Remember these following lessons and apply them to help you through the chaotic and unstable times.

* Embrace Uncertainty: Don't fight it.  Don't resist it. Simply allow it. Let the Universe guide and support you. Trust that everything is unfolding as it is meant to, and you will always be taken care of. Everything you need will be provided.

* Follow Your Heart:  The heart energy is often irrational, illogical and free spirited. It encourages us to take risks and follow your feelings rather than your rational mind. When we are afraid, we often retreat to the security based thinking of the mind. Instead, stay connected to your heart and allow it to guide you

* Let Go: Let go of how you want it to happen. Let go of your attachments. Let go of forcing, controlling and manipulating. Relax a little. Let go of outcomes and results. If you are struggling with this, try taking a deep breath in, and as you breathe out say the words 'let it go' several times. Repeat this process over and over until you find your body relax and your mind start to cam.

* Follow Inner Guidance: I believe that the purpose of instability in the external world, is to encourage us to instead find our security and stability inside of us. We all look to the external world to meet our needs, but when the external world is in chaos, we must turn our search somewhere else. Start to become familiar with that soft inner voice inside of you that whispers to you. It will always tell you what you need to hear.

* Forget About The How: It is very likely that you have no idea how everything is going to sort itself out. And that it totally ok! Do not waste your time trying to come up with plans about how it is all going to come together. Simply focus on the outcome you want. Hold it in your heart. Trust that it will be taken care of. And then as the dust around you settles, keep hold of that vision and remain open and willing to the guidance that will show you how to achieve it.

by connie.chapman@live.com


is what I call LOVE. 

If you are in tune with one person, that is love in a very small way. If you are in tune with many people, that is a little bigger; it becomes friendship. 

If you are in love with the whole existence, that becomes immensely vast; it is prayer. But the basic note is the same: to be in tune with the other. 

And remember, the goal is to be in tune with the whole. So be so much in tune that you disappear; only the harmony remains, only the symphony remains. That symphony is ecstasy." - Osho